I wander and dwell

 in the garden of past,

 inhale the distant fragrant memories,

 touch the faded roses,

 cry all over for the losses,

smile once again

 at the sweet memories. 

They say

live only in the present, the power is in NOW

not in the past


I find it entwined with every minute of my present

And never would I discard it

Neither for present

Nor for the future

To all the years passed

For what they have given me

And to all the years to come

For what all secrets they hold


The place where you rest




The place where you rest

Is our nest

Where we all fly

Your children and their children

Once in a while

Whenever we feel lonely

Or Happy

Or just to be with you

As we used to do .

The quiet serene farm

Full of trees, flowers

Birds and butterflies

Clear Sky and fresh cool breeze

A little cat and a stray dog.

Just as you longed

If only we could give you before…

Children play, run

And the beautiful eloquent

Meditating silence

Is broken by

Cheerful laughter and care free foot fall

As they refuse to leave

And long to come back

I realise you were always a giver.

Evening melts into melancholic dusk

And it’s time to leave

I look back at the growing darkness

And feel the utter loneliness

I leave you alone

In your solitude

With your mother

Father and GOD

And know you will be there for us

No matter what

This is when I know time

Is vanquished

And I understand

The word eternity.












Dangal review

it is one of its kind..

the story of a real hero.. and his gritty daughters

On the surface Mahaveer Pogat is a rustic, national wrestling champion of yester years  coming to terms with age,past and nurturing hopes of raising a champion wrestler son who will bring laurels to the nation.

there is no gender bias in this, for he is a simple man who believed like all of us that strong boys make wrestlers and well that’s how it is obviously..

then few years and four daughters later, he is still watching the closed doors   and losing all hopes of a son and slowly resigning to the fact that his dream will be a dream ..

refusing  to see the window of opportunity that is his daughters ..

again as we all do..habits die hard and stereotypes die harder..

The similarity between an ordinary sportsman and Pogat ends here. When he sees the innate strength and talent of his girls when they beat up a neighbour boy, he seizes the chance and never ever suffers from self doubt. So convinced, single minded and focused he is that even to broad minded spectators he comes across as stubborn oh what is he doing ? fellow, especially when he cuts the long lustrous hair of both the girls.

Whatever comes in the way of achieving their goals , or whatever ever distracts from the ultimate goal has to go.

Then again he is not highly educated, suave , or knows any of the so called modern  parenting skills . He goes by his gut instincts and once he is convinced nothing ever including his wife , the whole village , rotten system ,can pull him back. He does not know any isms , doesn’t play victim. Knowing the system very well , he operates with in it, inspite of it,despite it  and delivers.

If he is denied akhada in the village for his girls, he makes one in the field. If he is denied the mat , he makes one with mattresses, if the girls need to eat protein, chicken and wife refuses to make it, he makes it himself, if he cant find girls to compete with them he makes them fight boys !! .He just makes his way in the wily, old,rotten system .

there are many poignant moments in this movie which tug at the heart .Music by Preetam is already at the top of charts. Apart from much popular Haanikaarak Bapu , the one song which stands out and a personal favourite is daakad in which Geeta Pogat takes on the men one after the other and thrashes them at will. That’s one moment which defines what girls can do if only baapus of this nation have faith in them and nurture them just as this great man does.

Every one does justice to their roles. No one tries to act, they just play their roles with ease and finesse.

And finally when ever you discuss the movie you discuss about Mahaveer Pogat and his saga and never once about the actor and that’s exactly what Amir accomplishes in his impeccable way. Never once we see Amir, not even for a second. He doesn’t try hard , over shadow,or try to add even a decimal of what is unnecessary. His flashback of younger fit self  is only a glimpse and just appropriate.

A must watch for every one, fathers daughters sons and mothers…













Finally finished reading ROOTS !

Torn off
Like commodities
Kids separated from parents forever..
Never to see each other again
Young girls violated and impregnated at will
This is what man did to man..
In the slave markets of America
To the unsuspecting people of Africa..

Inspite of the most inhuman
And worst sufferings mankind could ever endure
Amidst the barren , hopeless desert Life turned into..
Hope prevailed, love sustained and life continued like an oasis!

The Amazing unbelievable saga of Kunta Kinte
His endearing ,undying,love and bonding to his parents, siblings
Village Juffure, country Gambia and Africa
His strength of character and dignity in adversity
The passing of History from generation to generation like the old Griots of his country
Above all his intense desire burning in his heart to go back to his land come what may
Finally materializes after six generations and 200 years..when his great great great grand son traces his steps back from Free America to hinterland Africa and unites with his ancestors..
Its nothing short of a miracle ..
The power of love ,faith and hope..
Ultimately the human spirit wins in this epic saga..

ROOTS is definitely a life changing book..
well perspectives definitely !
you despise white fair skin and start loving chocolate dark complexion!! and long to discover Africa


music is the solace
writing is a therapy
otherwise i would have
had no option
to tolerate the pain
of your separation..

memories are sweet
but some times they burn me hot..
days are filled
tiring me out
nights i sleep
though fitful and fretful

children make me laugh
rekindle the hope all over again..
patients teach me the value of life saved
and the purpose of my existence

still cant handle the emptiness
and vacuum left by you
when i am all alone
fidgeting like a child lost
on the long road of life

i am learning though
to walk without your hand
holding my finger

finding my way out
even in darkness
some how very sure
that you would hold a candle
and guide my steps

so that i would do my job as mother
atleast half as good as you did..